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Parrot Shows Off AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter

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The trendy smartphone-controlled Parrot AR.Drone quadcopter, first demonstrated at CES in 2010, is getting some great upgrades which are to be publicised around this year'* seminar.

The largest variations for the AR.Drone 2.0 are generally hardware as well as software enhancements to make these devices much easier to soar. Improved location and also direction sensors must have the drone additional firm in the atmosphere, plus a state of the art demands sensor will help it carry its altitude better when it'* a lot more than just a few feet above the ground (when the ultrasonic ground proximity sensor is ineffective).

On the software package aspect, a new "absolute flight" mode enables you to control the drone all around upward simply by tilting your smartphone; the copter points by itself in the track of traveling instantly. If you would like soar it in a more conventional process, like a radio-controlled helicopter, there is an elite mode also. The control app is readily available for iOS and Android.

There are a "director mode" that lets you hover the copter in any sideways orientation, that is useful for documenting video.

Obtaining the view from above it'* exactly what this bird is about. A brand new 720p camera for the copter'* nose supports the snapshot to your smart phone, and you may capture that dream at the same time (possibly with no pilot settings which are overlaid on the smart phone).

On the other hand, the AR.Drone'* non-toy apps will probably be minimal by its reliance on Wi-Fi for control and video transmission. Furthermore, as it uses a strong Wi-Fi connection (the drone acts as its own hub), you simply can't rely upon signals from various other Wi-Fi routers to boost the scale (formally, you might, though that may be a subject for AR.Drone online forums). The fact is, some other Wi-Fi can hinder the drone, as well as Parrot team would not fly the thing indoors at CES considering that they've pretty much skilled what goes on in the "Wi-Fi war zone" of an appreciable seminar. I found a drone zoom off crazily into somebody'* head last year; the good thing is, the Styrofoam bumpers round the drone avoidable any sort of injury.

The AR.Drone goes along with certain "virtual reality" online games where you fly the drone all around as well as screen in your smart phone displays target information as well as game data, which may incorporate "missiles" shot at drones that friends are traveling, superimposed on the control screen. That'* unnoticed. With this revise, the AR.Drone becomes more than a model, as well as will probably become famous more for its ability to take aerial video. It'* the amazing add-on for filmmakers.

The AR.Drone 2.0 will deliver in Q2 this current year and also record for $299, a fresh cheap price for the merchandise. Find more details on the official site.

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asked Nov 19, 2014 by KriFrankfur (120 points)

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