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August is National Back to School Eye Safety month.
There are some key things parents can remind their kids to do to protect their eyes as they head back into the classroom this fall.
Kids may still be focused ugg boots on sale having fun in the sun, but the back-to-school countdown has begun. When classes resume and a child'* gaze turns back to computers and a daily diet of technology, this can lead to long-term eye trouble. It'* called 'digital eye strain,' a condition brought ugg boots on sale by excessive exposure to electronic devices.

In fact, an American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) survey suggests that more than 80 percent of kids between age 10 and age 17 now spend more than three hours a day consuming the high-energy blue and violet glow of high-tech gadgetry.
Here are some suggestions to reduce digital eye strain that can lead to headaches, fatigue and poorer eye sight:

20-20-20 Rule: This is a 20-second technology break every 20 minutes in order to refocus ugg boots on sale an object 20 feet away.
Frequent Blinking: It is also helpful to blink frequently as well increase ugg boots on sale-screen font size and match room brightness to screen luminosity.
Get Outside: Research shows that spending more time outside can protect vision from getting worse.

Here are some additional things the AAO recommends for students:
Don't shower or swim in contact lenses. Acanthamoeba is a parasite that lives in water and can cause a rare but serious eye infection called Acanthamoeba keratitis. According to the CDC, 85 percent of Acanthamoeba eye infections occur in contact lens wearers, one of the main risks being exposure of lenses to water.

Wash your hands. Conjunctivitis, often called pink eye, spreads fast in schools. Avoid rubbing the eyes and wash hands with soap to avoid catching and spreading pink eye, not to mention other infections.
Don't share makeup. Harmless as it may seem, sharing makeup is a surefire way to spread infection such as herpes keratitis among friends. Stick to your own makeup and throw it away after three months. If you develop an eye infection, immediately toss all of your eye makeup.

Protect your eyes during the game. Nearly 1 in 18 school athletes will get an eye injury playing sports. Common injuries, like scratches ugg boots on sale the eye surface and broken bones near the eye socket, happen most often in high-risk sports such as baseball, basketball and lacrosse.
Athletes should consider wearing polycarbonate sports glasses to help keep stray balls and elbows from hitting their eyes.

And, of course, nothing replaces an annual back-to-school eye exam to ensure optimal vision all year long.
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